Thursday, April 24, 2008

E-Newsletter 1st Edition


1 Welcome!
2 School Presentations
3 Global village/Volunteer Teams
4 Fundraising
5 Website
6 Coming Events
7 Asia/Pacific Updates
8 Habitat Merchandise
9 Disaster Response Project
10 Regular Program

1. Welcome
Welcome to the 1st E-Newsletter for Habitat Bangladesh!
This will be a monthly newsletter informing all Habitat Staff, partners and volunteers about the activities of HFHI-B.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to email us, we would love to hear from you.

2. School Presentations
On January 23rd, the RD team visited the International School, Dhaka, (ISD) to give a presentation about Habitat Bangladesh to the senior school assembly.

Over 1,200 students and teachers were given a presentation about Habitat’s work, values, goals and volunteer programs, in anticipation of the School Build planned for March 2008.

The RD team answered questions from students and teachers alike, and presented the school with information and marketing materials to display until the build.

ISD has been a fantastic supporter of Habitat Bangladesh, not only through donations, but also through support of our Buy a Brick project, as well as through volunteering
for builds!

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to Rebecca Garbenis and Alison Stanton from ISD, who have been instrumental in the partnership between the school and Habitat.

3. Global Village Teams/Volunteer Teams
On the 6th of January, Sanjay bid farewell to the Youth Builders from Korea. The 23 students visited Mymensingh and helped build 4 houses.

The team also visited the Mymensingh Agriculture University, and were also treated to a visit and dinner with the Garo Tribal Community.

Sanjay’s work with GV teams seems never-ending; the next team arrives on the 3rd of February, building in Satkhira and leaving on the 13th.

GV teams are an integral part of the fundraising for Habitat Bangladesh; they are also an amazing and rewarding way to experience both Bengali culture and the power of
helping others build their own homes.

Experience the joy of volunteering. Contact Sanjay at

On the 18th of January, Pierre took a team of volunteers to visit Habitat’s Flood Disaster Project in Bhuapur. This successful event allowed the volunteers to experience both the technical expertise of the project staff as well the scale in which we are building.

More day trips to Bhuapur are planned for the near future, please contact Pierre if you would like to participate.

The cost per person is 1,000 taka, and includes transportation to and from the site.

4. Fundraising
We are thankful to our donors for their generosity to raise fund locally. During the last quarter we got six new individual donors. It was a pleasure meeting new people and knowing their vision to improve living conditions for the poor. We extend special thanks to Barbara Brown, Community Liaison Office Coordinator of US Embassy Dhaka. She is a magnificent fundraiser. This Fiscal Year staffs of US Embassy Dhaka sponsored 6 houses.

Our deepest appreciation goes to Shirin Huda, who inspired her friends and family to support Habitat’s Sidr project. We want to thank Shikha Nag and Dorothee Binsfeld of ADBSA Manila for their contributions to Habitat Bangladesh Sidr rehabilitation fund.

Thanks goes to Francois and Chye de Ryckel and their friends from Belgium for their support for building homes for the Sidr victims. Thank you Mariha Chowdhury for raising funds to help building decent homes for Habitat beneficiaries.

Between July to December 2007 our in country fund raising stands at Taka 18,40,871 and 1250 US Dollars. God bless our donors and friends!

Sponsor a regular home only at USD 800 or Taka 56,000. You can donate a core shelter unit for our Sidr rehabilitation project with Taka 70,000.

A little bit of your sharing can ensure a home for a family. To donate or getting involved with Habitat Bangladesh contact Emelda at

5. Website
As many of you would have noticed, the Habitat Website has been, and continues to be, redeveloped. Your feedback is invaluable, so please let us know what you think!
You can access the website at

In the coming week we will be loading Google Earth links so visitors to the site can see exactly where we build, as well as view pictures directly from the build site!

6. Coming Events
a) US Embassy Build, Kaliganj, 15th and 16th February
b) Chevron Donation Handover- Details in next edition
c) Rep Your School Competition – More details soon!
d) Bhuapur Project visit, Tangail, Fridays in February
e) School visits – More details soon!
f) Bhuapur House Dedication - More details soon!
g) Sidr Response Project – More details soon!

7. Asia/Pacific Updates
Some of our stories from the field will be appearing on the Habitat Asia/Pacific website, keep checking the website!

8. Habitat Merchandise
Both our Calendars and Bricks are still available, get yours today!
Bricks: 500 taka
Calendars: 150 taka
Contact us for orders.

9. Disaster Response Project
The Program and Disaster Response Department would like to report that they have just completed the 50th House in Bhuapur, Tangail.

Our congratulations to the team, and our best wishes for the continued success of the project.

10. Regular Program
As of January 2008, in fiscal year 2007-08, Habitat for Humanity International – Bangladesh has built 75 Save and Build Homes, bringing the total number of families served to 1139.
Congratulations to our new home-partners!

100 Taka
For orders please contact

Road #23/B, House #7, 2nd Floor
Gulshan-1, Dhaka, 1212, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 883 2945
Mob: +88 01 726 7025 47

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