Thursday, August 14, 2008

Homeowner Story: Alim Uddin

Homeowner Story: Alim Uddin, Modhupur.

Alim Uddin is 27 years old, married and has a 3 year old daughter. He is a homeowner from the Modhupur area.

In an interview Alim said he grew up with his 3 younger brothers, and his mother, they lived in the Pirozpur district in very poor conditions. It was difficult for Alim to earn money for the family, as he left school in grade 8. Alim decided to leave home and move to the Dokhala area, near Modhupur, in search for work.

Not long after arriving in Dokhala, he met with his uncle, Harun. After some discussion, his uncle offered to teach him the trade of tailoring, and motivated Alim to commence working with him. Alim excelled in tailoring and worked for 7 years with his uncle.

Alim then moved to the Pachis Mile area to start a tailoring business with his small amount of savings. In the beginning, he was traveling daily to his business from his home in Pirojpur.

This was a difficult way to for him to run the business, but at this time, he had no other option. Soon after, he married a woman from Modhupur.

A few years passed, and Alim decided to buy a piece of land closer to his business where he could build a house. Alim shared the idea to his mother in law, who in turn gave 5 decimal of land to her daughter and Alim.

The next step Alim faced was building a home on the land. While thinking about how he could afford building materials, Alim. heard of HFHI-Bangladesh who offer support by providing loans to homeowners. On hearing this, Alim went to the HFHI-Bangladesh office.

With the support of HFHI-Bangladesh, Alim built a two room house, costing BDT65,000. He never could have imagined that this would happen He stated to the Habitat staff - “How this beautiful house build with this low cost.”

Alim is now in full swing with his business and has enough time to earn money for his family. Currently, he has two staff members working for him. His wife is also helping him with tailoring. Alim’s total net income is currently BDT 7,000-8.000 per month.

Alim wishes to get another loan from HFHI-Bangladesh for an extension and a toilet. He is very grateful to HFHI-Bangladesh and the staff who helped him build his house.

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