Sunday, October 19, 2008

Volunteer Builds

From 27 September – 4 October, Habitat Bangladesh hosted a Global Village team from the Shanghai American School in China. The team was the third one to come from the school in to work with Habitat Bangladesh. The team consisted of 18 people and helped construct 3 houses in Shambhugonj in Mymensingh.

The community in Mymensingh highly appreciated the attitude and work of the Shanghai American School. People were very interested to hear why the team had come to build houses in their community. They asked many questions about Habitat for Humanity International Bangladesh.

The volunteers spoke of Bangladesh being a beautiful country, and the people of the community being very warm and hospitable. They were impressed to see the colourful culture and traditions of Bangladesh. Some of the students and one of the teachers expressed their desire to visit Bangladesh again.

“I thought the work was my high point in this trip, because I got close to the homeowners and my teammates. For me, working experience was better than the community/ cultural experience” said Chan Ju On, student.

“Building a house, interaction with the Bangladeshi volunteer & children was the highlight of my trip” Hyo Min Kim, student.

“Cultural events made our trip memorable” Geoff Peake, Team Leader.

Work that the team completed included, carrying bricks, mortar, cement, sand and brick chips. Digging, pounding floors, watering bricks, curing, making brick chips, building walls, and mixing mortar.

Finally, the team was able to be involved in various cultural events over the week.

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