Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Global Village Team from the US visits Durgapur Satellite

US open team visited Durgapur, Bangladesh from 18 - 27 November 2008 helping Md. Khurshed and Md. Enamul Haque in building their dream homes. The team of 6 women showed great enthusiasm in helping the homeowners, learning about the local culture and mingling with the community. On 23 November, the team went to see the harvesting festival of the Garo tribe, had lunch with the community and enjoyed a tribal cultural show. The volunteers enjoyed traveling to the tribal village by crossing the river by boat and taking a rickshaw ride.

The homeowners appreciated the volunteers immensely. Homeowner, Md Enamul said, “The volunteers did a great job. It surprised me when I found out the volunteers took up the construction of my house wholeheartedly and tried their best to finish as much they could before they left”.

The volunteers spoke of Bangladesh being a beautiful country. They commented that the people of the community were very warm and hospitable. Team members were also impressed with the colorful culture and traditions of Bangladesh. Some of the comments the volunteers said “Brick by brick we built, we’ve helped you and you’ve helped us, you have changed our lives”; “Crossing the river, cold wet sand between my toes welcomed by new friends.”

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