Thursday, March 19, 2009

Global Village Team, 'Shanti-Shanti' builds in Mymensingh

The 12 member team ‘Shanti-Shanti’ from Aoyamagakuin University, Japan volunteered in Mymensingh from 2 - 13 March 2009. 

While in Mymensingh, the team built two houses for Khaleda Akter and Shajahan Mia both from Dholadia village in Mymensingh District. Building activities included preparing bricks for construction; carrying sand, bricks and cement; mixing mortar for cementing; laying bricks and cementing the foundation and walls; and, digging and levelling the earth at the worksite.

During their trip, the team also had the opportunity to visit two schools, Shahabuddin Pre-Cadet and Shahabuddin Primary School, and the Bangladesh University of Agriculture. 

The farewell ceremony was a unique cultural exchange with both Bengali songs and dances, and Japanese songs and dances. The community were very impressed with the university students and can't wait for another team to come to Mymensingh!

To learn more about Global Village or volunteer opportunities, please contact Sanjay.

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