Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Dream Come True!

On 25 June 2008 Habitat homeowner Shanara Begum celebrated her house warming with about 200 villagers. Shanara Begum is a homeowner of Khulna HRC of HFH Bangladesh and the proud homeowner of the 650th home of Satkhira Partnership project.

The homeowner Ms. Shanara Begum with her husband and three children thanked Habitat and her neighbors in tears of joy. She expressed her gratefulness in front of over two hundred villagers, local NGO, and community leaders who came to join the dedication ceremony. She said, “Save and Build program of Habitat for Humanity is an excellent opportunity to build a dream home for the people like me in the community. I hope my neighbors will also be able to fulfill their dreams soon.”

Shanara’s husband Mohammed Abu-Saidur Rahman is a farmer. They do not have cultivable land of their own but Rahman works as a day labor to others paddy field. The family of five has owned a 240 square feet home after Shanara became the member of Habitat’s ‘Save and Build’ group.

The new house is a very basic two room family home with 2 doors, 4 windows and 1 veranda. However majority of the low income people of the country do not have any access for availing the needed financial resources for building this kind of core home.

Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Save and Build’ group is looked upon as a powerful source of making the dreams of low income people come true while creating unity and trust among the members and greater community.

HFH Bangladesh is working is Satkhira district in partnership with World Vision Bangladesh Satkhira ADP. As of June 2008 HFH Bangladesh has built over 1700 homes in Bangladesh through its Save and Build program in 9 satellites and 2 partnership programs and in two Disaster Response Projects.

To donate to Habitat, please contact our Resource Development Department.

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